John Bassett

Real Estate Manager
Real Estate Manager

John Bassett is a Director of Property Management with LBG Management Company, Inc. having previously served as the Operational Manager at its adaptive reuse of The Shops at Hilltop. His prior employment includes Brookfield Properties, Rouse Properties and The Taubman Company. John is a Bay Area native with 15 years regional and super regional retail experience. John has previously worked on some of the largest retail projects in the Bay Area including Southland Mall, Newpark Mall, Sunvalley Mall, Bay Street Emeryville and The Streets of Brentwood. His experience includes operations management, contract management, tenant construction, development and redevelopment. John excels in these arenas and is driven by a passion for Property Management.

John has significant construction management experience, building scopes of work, bidding, design review, landlord work, letter management, and construction while minimizing oversight and reducing change order costs. He also provides expertise with retail financials where he has handled construction budgeting and forecasting, operational budget tracking and reforecasting, review of payables, coordination with local and national tenants through receivables collections, managing vendor contracts, and submitting capital expenditure requests ties to leasing and capital projects.

He also provides significant experience in tenant relations, ensuring retailer and center profitability.  He manages marketing events focused on driving sales. He has also successfully worked with local leasing representatives and tenants to secure profitable deals to effectively raise center net operating income and occupancy rates.

He has significant experience in managing operating and capital expenditures, leading vendor contract bidding, negotiations, renewals and management. Also, he has significant experience managing maintenance capital expenditures and related warranties, including roofing systems, fire alarm, sprinkler, sanitary sewer, storm water, electrical, gas, and vertical transportation.

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